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Reduce Fines

Criminal liability can attach to an organization whenever an employee of the organization commits an act within the apparent scope of his or her employment, even if the employee acted directly contrary to company policy and instructions.

The Federal Sentencing Guidelines mitigate potential fines - in some cases up to 95 percent - if an organization can demonstrate that it had put in place an effective compliance program. This mitigating credit under the guidelines is contingent upon prompt reporting to the authorities and the non-involvement of high level personnel in the actual offense conduct.

Increase Profits

Customer loyalty is big business. What more could your company do to increase customer loyalty? For many, it's through meeting needs.

In our high-tech world, one of the greatest concerns is identity theft. For example, Target's fourth quarter net earnings fell almost 46%. This massive drop off, say analysts, is a result of the security breach that took place in December.

Be proactive and show your customers that your company is I.C.E. Certified, by training your employees on safeguarding their personal information.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Advancing technologies are as certain as death and taxes. Businesses need to insure themselves — and assure their customers, clients, or patients — that they have trained their employees on the possible risks and liabilities that advancing computer and information technologies offer.

I.C.E. Certification sends a clear message to your employees and consumers that you have trained your employees in the areas of: Computer Security, Information Privacy, Software Piracy, Social Engineering, Hacking, Netiquette and more.